Bionatural Register


Bionatural Disciplines are the following one:

Biodynamic C.R.S. (Craniosacral)
Creative dance
Bodymind acupressure
Etyc Bionatural Horse Riding
Floral Essences
Biodynamic Traditional Karate
Ortho Bionomy
Pranic Healing
Qi Gong
Thai chi Chuan
Ayurvediche Manual techniques
Holistic Osteopathic Techniques
Water Shiatsu
Holistic Manual Techniques

The aim of the project is to coordinate the Bionatural disciplines and the holistic ones to have an International Standard Registry for all these disciplines, with some characteristics:

  • Standard Examination
  • Standard Courses delivered all over the world
  • Courses’ programs globally coordinated with a unique program delivered around the world
  • A list of operators around the world with a real and proven capacity on these maters
  • To create a regulation on Bionatural activates
  • To create Corrected Physical for all
  • members are Professionists and registered centers that are certified high qualificated entity able to support the Bionatural disciplines all over the world

The real consequence of our register is:

  • High qualification of the member of the registry able to work and to develop the disciplines
  • Increasing of the physical activities thanks to the holistic and bio natural disciplines that are the best way to do movements, to develop physical activities and to let people able to move and to be more active even if they have some pathologies or too old for some sports
  • Reaching a qualified sport for all activities
  • Create an international panel of expert on these sciences
  • Create an international cooperation and create new work position

The idea beside is to develop these disciplines as Europe did for the other professional qualification with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). We aim to develop The courses under the EQF learing program.

EQF is a common European reference framework whose purpose is to make qualifications more readable and understandable across different countries and systems. Covering qualifications at all levels and in all sub-systems of education and training, the EQF provides a comprehensive overview over qualifications in the 39 European countries currently involved in its implementation


Single operators are divided, according to the level reached and the examination passed, in 4 levels:

registry level.JPG

Single centers are divided, according to the level reached and the examination passed, in 4 levels:

registry center.JPG

The registry is recognized and certified by the International Professional Sport Certification.

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