Switzerland, the 28th of May, 2020

ISNO, ISO and the IFBB are happy to announce the new partnership signed today in order to jointly develop
educational programs.
ISNO is happy to welcome IFBB as one of its members, aiming to develop Fitness and Body Building around the
ISO and SA will be able, thanks to the partnership with the IFBB, to issue, under the guidelines of the IFBB, EQF
certification for:

  • Body Building Instructor
  • Personal Trainer Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Personal Fitness Instructor
    These certifications shall only be issued to IFBB certified coaches.
    The partnership will grant, at the same time, the opportunity to develop the following EQF courses and master
    1 or 2 certifications:
  • International IFBB Supervisor
  • IFBB Sport Event Organizer Manager
  • IFBB Health Lifestyle Manager
  • IFBB Bio Natural Expert
  • IFBB Mind Motivator Coach
  • IFBB Fit Active Educator
    This is an historical and important development for the education side of the Fitness and Body Building in the

The IFBB is the only international federation recognized by GAISF, AIMS and other associations and sports institutions, as the bodybuilding sports manager worldwide. Likewise, the IFBB is a signatory of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code, being strongly committed in the fight for a healthy lifestyle and a clean sport.
WADA only recognizes one federation per sports discipline.
The ISNO is a no for profit networking organization composed by sport organizations, based in Switzerland aiming to assist their members around the world. The ISNO aims is to help members to reach their goal, to manage their organization giving assistance (Management, consultancy, insurance, general services, administrations and consultancy to reach national and international recognition) creating a network through the members in order to help each other and to organize and promote physical activity globally, to organize and Develop sports events for all, training sections for International or National Federations respecting the EU e WHO recommendation in PA with open collaboration with sport for all organizations.

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Main Partnership: ISO and Sports Academy

We are pleased to announce that (ISO) International Sport Organization and Sport Academy are new main partners for the international activity link to educational training programs and special events.

The principle areas sectors will be:

  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Health Lifestyles
  • Bio-natural Kinesis Sector
  • Sport Event Organizations

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Inside the Sport Academy’s Team of Directors will be added Marco Tomasini and inside ISO’s one Igor Lanzoni.

We are sure that this respective collaboration will give a strong contribution to the sports education and training system for the implementation of Physical Activities in Europe and abroad.


ISO AGM Results: New Future path of growth!

During the last AGM held by the International Sport Organization (ISO) held in Lugano, it was proposed and accepted several changes into the structures in order to provide a better services to the members, to better achieve the aims of the organization and to accept the new members requesting to access to the organization.

Regarding the structure of the organization, it has decided that a single organization will not be enough to support the members, to support the growing necessity and request of the Bionatural registry, to support the request of assistance and educations, to create a Network organization able to help the members all over the world.

ISO division regarding the Sport For All Championship, the members recognition and the Networking organization can’t continue to coexist with the Bionatural registry, the consultancy and the educational division.

Taking care of this issue, ISO has decided to split the organization in two, creating from the above-mentioned members division a new independent structure: The International Sport Network Organization (ISNO).

So, with a great pleasure, we are happy to introduce the new strategic plan of both ISO and ISNO.

ISO will have the following aims:

  • To develop the Bionatural registry
  • To develop a no profit consultancy services for all the organizations requesting to
  • To develop education path regarding Bionatural Registry
  • To help t develop high quality education and training programs
  • To patronage important events around the world

ISO will not have any organization member, it will be totally independent and formed by single individual member, accepted by the board, able to deliver the aims of the organization.

ISNO will have the following aims:

  • To recognized and certified at international level three types of organizations:
    • International Organization
    • National Organization
    • Clubs and other local organization
  • To create a network organization able to help the member to create a real and solid network, sharing members, sharing knowledge, experiences and opportunities
  • To create The ISNO Sport For All World Championship hold by all the organizations in a multi-sport event
  • To support the members in their growth, sharing knowledge and assisting them in reaching their goal
  • To support a cross recognized certified educational process for all the members, in order to grant high standard education processes and a real solid certification usable all over the world thanks to the recognitions of ISNO and IPTC
  • To fundraise the organization, the member organizations and the main events
  • To give the possibility to access to Antidoping WADA control for all the members all over the world thanks to WHEA
  • To support members with educations, festivals, competitions and other opportunities where they need a strong and solid partner
  • To let use the members the Logo of ISNO as a proof of their delivery of excellence all over the world
  • To support patronaged events

All the members that were into ISO and all the new accepted member of ISO are now a part of ISNO, the International Sport Network Organization.


If a member would like to ask to use the ISO logo for an event it needs to be requested directly to ISO board. Differently, all the members of ISNO can use for every events and communication the ISNO logo.

Both the organization will continue with IAKS, and both will continue to reach the highest recognitions. We have communicated to the proper stakeholders these important changes, in accordance with the given suggestion.

We are pleased to announce that the approved members of ISNO are:

    • WAMT – World Association of Majorette Sport and Twirling
    • WOF – World O-Sport Federation
    • FIF – Futins International Federation
    • FIFS – Federation International Football Skating
    • AFPU – Asia Freerunning Parkour Union
    • PAMESCO – Pan America Electronic Sports Confederation
    • POSA – Pole Sport & Arts World Federation
    • WKSF – World Kettlebell Sport Federation
    • WESCO – World E-Sport Consortium
    • IPTC – International Professional Training Certification
    • WHEA – World Heavy Events Association
    • WORLD SKATE UAE – Arash Skate Institute
    • ARDO – All Russian Dance Organization
    • OAI – O-Sport Association of Iran
    • FSFS – Federazione Svizzera Football Sala
    • ASO – Artistic Sport Organization (Malta)
    • ARCF – All Russian Cheerleading Federation
    • FIFS – Federazione Italiana Football Sala
    • FEPODELE – Federacao Portuguesa do Desporte Eletronico
    • FEDERESPORT – Federazione Italiana E-Sports
    • FEDERCOLDE – Federazion Colombiana De Deportes Electronicos
    • CBDEL – Confederacao Brasileira De Deporto Eletronico
    • SSO – Skate Sports Organization (Malta)
    • FEDERSWISS – FederSwiss – Sport for all
    • ICCMA – Italian Cheerleading Cheerdance Majorette Association
    • IAPAF – Italian Air Power Athletics Federation
    • MSFA – Malta Sport for all
    • OO – Orienteering Organization (Malta)
    • FDO – Flying Disc Organization (Malta)
    • CSO – Cynological Sports Organization (Malta)
    • Full Moon ASD
    • Fly High Mallorca Associacion Deportiva
    • M’s Art & Pole Aerial Lab ASD

The members that are not listed in the above-mentioned list are in observer status or are not approved.

We are pleased also to announce that all the two federations are now registered and have a proper and new website and social media channels.

IPTC on behalf of ISNO will send new Certificate of recognition to all the recognized members.

Please see:

We will send other important news in the next days!

Thank you for your time!

ISO & ISNO Boards


ISO licensed by IPTC!

ISO is officially recognized and licensed by IPTC!



International Professional Training Certification IPTC is an efficient academic method of professional training for different fields and subjects which needs training and it organizes seminars for each subject by their respective proficient masters which it will be guaranteed by International Certification today.

IPTC Seminars and sessions are suitable for those who have already gained some experience of Coaching, refereeing, management etc. whilst working as an apprentice, following their completion of latest award/qualification in fields. i.e coaches working towards their assistant coach qualification should be committed to their own development as a coach and should be able to demonstrate this through extended off course study. They should continue to work with a more experienced and qualified coach throughout their course of study.

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International Professional Training Certification IPTC Management & Training Departments Organize different certification seminars for various Applicants.

  • Coaching / Instructor Certification
  • Coach Manager Certification
  • Coach Assistant Certification
  • Referee/Judge Certification
  • Assistant Referee/Judge Certification
  • Management Certification
  • Business Management Certification
  • Organization Management Certification
  • Time Managemnet Certification
  • Risk Managemet Certification
  • Quality Management Certification
  • Athlets Certification / License
  • Examiner / Master Certification

Those people who don’t have enough experience for coaching or refereeing they need to apply for :

  • Assistant Coach
  • Referee Certifications.

According to your experience, knowledge, education, background, qualifications, achievements, award and records, you can select and apply for higher certification courses.

Today, International Professional Training Certification IPTC has more than 37 full Levels just for the Skating Sports major throughout the world and if we want to compare it to the universities, a student can be taught 4 years and for some fields even up to 8 years of training in different subjects and collecting various degrees such as, Assistant Coach, Coach, Coach Manager, Head Coach/Instructor, also in organization committees, to be able to organize a local and International Championship or seminar, Office Management, about magazines and photography and videography, to be able to build a skate park and designing skate shoes, Skateboarding, BMX and Ice Skates.

The future Aim of IPTC is to continue its profession as the University in 2017 and 2018 in the United States of America and all the skate federations and confederations’ presidents to be graduated from this University and prepare them to be able to manage and handle any Skate Federation professionally in their countries.



On successful completion of the Coaching Assistant Certificate in Coaching different fields, learners will be qualified to coach independently and should be able to:
Demonstrate an ability to plan and deliver safe and equitable coaching sessions
Demonstrate an ability to review participant’s needs when planning and delivering a series of linked and progressive coaching sessions
Demonstrate an ability to self-reflect and use feedback from others
Promote and establish working relationships and high standards of behavior with students, coaches, parents and officials in the overall development of sports.
Demonstrate an understanding of:

  • generic coaching skills
  • Sports specific coaching skills
  • coach and performer/player development
  • good practice in club management and coaching
  • nutrition and hydration
  • physical conditioning – mental preparation
  • health and safety
  • working with parents, attitudes and ethics
  • laws of sports fields

Demonstrate an ability to identify and adapt Skating sports and some sports fields activities and sessions for a variety of different abilities and age groups
Demonstrate an awareness of further personal development opportunities in different fields of sports and especially skate sports, including coaching, sports therapy, and administration and officiating.

Please note: IPTC recommend that all coaches should join the Coaching Register once qualified and starting to coach, as this will provide you with necessary insurance along with many other member benefits that will help you to keep yourself up to date. If you are not already a member of the Coaching Register IPTC fees include a free year’s membership to the coaching register.


The IPTC in Assistant Coaching will be delivered by an accredited related federations or international masters. It will be split into the following phases:
Phase 1: Registration and Pre-course induction and activities
Phase 2: Taught course (Day 1 & 2) 6 Hours
Phase 3: Mid course – Practical coaching and independent assessment preparation + Question & Answer 3 Hours

Throughout the taught program the theoretical “How to coach” skills are threaded through the technical and tactical “What to coach” skills, both on court and in group activities. As a result you will have many opportunities to practice and receive feedback on the coaching skills that you have learnt. You will be assessed throughout the course by your course tutor who will give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate competence in key areas. There will also be some written work throughout the course and an independent assessment at the end.

New Agreement

We are happy to announce a new partnership collaboration with Mediasport Channel!!

The International Sport Organization officially sign an agreement with Mediasport Channel and Sportivì!!! All the major events organized by ISO will be broadcasted live!!!

Here the link where you can see all the events:

Brochure Mediasport Channel

Brochure Sportivì