The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) initiated in 2007 recognizes ISO and its educational process.
IPDFA vision:
  • To Represent and Promote Pole Dancing a legitimate Sport
  • Develop a suitable syllabus to be followed as a Pole Dance Fitness Program
  • Act as Communication Network for all topics related to Pole
  • Endorse Studios, Events and Competitions with Industry Safety Regulations
  • Organise the International Pole Championships (IPC)
  • Train and Accredit Instructors and Judges
  • Offer industry Membership Privilege Packages

International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) has granted the recognition to all the ISO activities by all its partner:

  • Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Australian Children’s Institute of Sports Medicine
  • Body, Art and Science International
  • China Aerobics Association
  • Department of Sport Performance, Beijing Sport University
  • Fitness Australia
  • Federation of International Sport, Aerobics and Fitness
  • Hong Kong School of continuing Education

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