International Sport Organization (ISO) is a no profit organization aiming to develop sports around the world. The services offered by the organization are:

  • Consultancy and general services for national and international federations (Management, consultancy, insurance, general services, administrations and consultancy to reach national and international recognition)
  • Keeping update and maintain the Bionatural International Registry
  • To Organize and Develop sports event and training sections for International or National Federations
  • Certify and produce materials and facilities for Pole Sport and Aerial Disciplines.

International Sport Organization is an International organization aiming to develop and assist Clubs, National Federations, International Federations and Sport professionist.

Our organization aims to develop Sport all over the world.

Our staff is composed by professionists, Coach and sprots manager able to assist you and your organizations to reach your aim and to reach your target.

One of our best practice is the International Bionatural Registry, aiming to register the all the certified center and professionist of this sector, all over the world.

  • Insurance Management
  • Membership management
  • Qualifications courses
  • International Recognitions Management
  • National Recongitions Management
  • International Relationship Management
  • Events Managements
  • Sports Developments
  • Website
  • Counsultancy
  • Marketing
  • Bionatural Science