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International Sport Organization (ISO) is a no profit organization composed by individual member based in Switzerland aiming to develop sports in particular Bionatural registry around the world. The aims of the organization are:

  • CONSULTING: To help manage organization giving assistance (Management, consultancy, insurance, general services, administrations and consultancy to reach national and international recognition)
  • BIONATURAL REGISTRY: to Keep update and maintained the Bionatural International Registry and to organize training around the world for bionatural disciplines
  • COACH CERTIFICATION: to certify coaches and develop high value training courses in sport fields
  • SPORT FOR ALL: To develop sport for all, wellness and physical activity globally

The main partner of ISO is the International Sport Network Organization (ISNO).

ISO is a member or recognized by:

  1. ICCE: International Council for Coaching Excellence


The International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) is a not-for-profit, international organization with the mission of leading and supporting the development of sport coaching globally. The ICCE has established a central Global Coaching Office at Leeds Beckett University in 2011 which is now the hub of its global and European activities.​​

The ICCE aims are:

  1. To promote sport coaching as a profession.
  2. To promote international relationships, social and cultural, with those who are engaged in coaching education.
  3. To promote sport and sport-values.
  4. To promote and utilize research in the field of training and competition.
  5. To exchange knowledge in the field of coaching.
  6. To disseminate information about curricula, qualifying standards etc. amongst members.
  7. To co-ordinate coach education courses and resources across member countries.
  8. To promote a moral code in coaching.
  9. To improve relationships among Coach – Management – Athlete.
  10. To publish a professional publication in the field of coaching education.
  11. To encourage and to assist countries, in the field of coach education

The expected outcomes of the ICCE initiative are:

  • A network of national and international organizations responsible for the development of coaches in their respective nations and/or sport.
  • International accords on coaching issues such as ethics, safety, and knowledge/competency.
  • An international coaching culture that supports the values of Olympism: integrity, honesty, fairness, inclusion, tolerance, and commitment to excellence.

The ICCE is uniquely qualified to address its mission because its members comprise the world’s leaders in coaching development. There exists no other international sports body that focuses on programs for the individuals who introduce, teach, and deliver sport daily-coaches.

Main Projects are:

  • International Sport Coaching Framework (ISCF) and European Sport Coaching Framework (ESCF):

Created in conjunction with the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), and Leeds Beckett University (LBU), the ISCF represents a significant step toward understanding and establishing consensus on key coach education, development and employment areas. It is intended to serve as a common reference point for establishing a common language and set of principles about coaching and coach education that can be adapted and applied across all nations and sporting contexts. European members of ICCE analyzed the current status and needs of coaching in Europe and developed a European Sport Coaching Framework to enhance coaches’ learning, mobility and employment. A suite of guidance and development tools to support European countries and sport federations build their coaching systems and qualifications also became available as a result.

  • Global Coach Conference
  • Global Coaches House
  • ICCE Coach Developer Programme
  • iCoachKids
  • The Voice of the Coach
  • Parasport and Disability Coaching

Interesting papers:




  1. ICSSPE: International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education


ICSSPE was founded in the late 1950s with the aims of maintaining an inclusive perspective on the different disciplines of sport, sport science and physical education, and of furthering a continuing collaboration between them. It brings together a wide range of scientific and professional organizations of various sport branches and disciplines, and creates the possibility for interdisciplinary collaboration.

The strategic goals of ICSSPE shall be to:

  • Encourage cooperation between scientists, policy-makers and practitioners;
  • Integrate research in physical activity and sport and support the application of its results;
  • Disseminate scientific knowledge in sport and physical activity; and
  • Support initiatives with aims similar to those pursued by ICSSPE.

International Partnerships of ICSSPE:

  • Associate Status with UNESCO
  • ICSSPE is also a recognized organization of the International Olympic Committee
  • ICSSPE collaborates with the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • ICSSPE and the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) maintain close links through ex-officio representation on each other’s Boards and co-operate in various areas of common interest.


  1. ISCA: International Sport and Cultural Association


The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) is a global platform open to organizations working within the field of sport for all, recreational sports and physical activity. Created in 1995, ISCA is today a global actor closely cooperating with its 261 member organizations, international NGOs, and public and private sector stakeholders. Its 40 million individual members from 89 countries on five continents represent a diverse group of people active within youth, sport and cultural activities.

Created with the aim of providing an alternative to the increasingly performance-based attitude of the international sports federations, ISCA has grown rapidly since its foundation. The association is governed by an executive committee of nine elected members and is steered by continental and technical committees. The secretariat is based in Copenhagen.

ISCA’s philosophy is that sport is not just about competition and exercise, but also involves having a good time and making friends. Moreover, sport regulates social behavior and creates a feeling of belonging – which in turn leads to a strengthening of democracy.

ISCA was created with the purpose of:

  • supporting cross-border understanding through sport and culture
  • promoting sport as a bearer of cultural identity
  • encouraging the broadest possible participation in sports and cultural activities for affiliated members

ISCA is a Recognised Organisation of the International Olympic Committee

  1. FIEP: Federation International Education Physique


The idea to create an international Physical Education organization appeared for the first time during the International Congress of Physical Education in Paris (France), which took place between August 30th and September 6th 1900. A ‘Permanent International Physical Education Technical Commission’ was created then, with some of the great personalities in the Physical Education world at the time, among which were: Mosso (Italy) as the President, Demeny (France) Fosseprez (Belgium), Cabezas (Chile), Kier (Denmark), Chryssafis (Greece), Tongres (Sweden). Delegates from 16 countries participated in the commission, whose objectives were aimed at the qualification of university faculty members. The “Institute Internationale d’Education Physique” was created later, during the Odensée International Congress, between July 7th and 10th, 1911.

The goals of this institute is:

  • To make progress in the Physical Education Science and its practical applications, concentrating results of studies and experiments carried out in the world and providing directions for new investigations.
  • To spread among the people culture the principle that Physical Education must cooperate with Intellectual and Moral Education.

FIEP is a recognized organization of the International Olympic Committee.


  1. EPSI: European Platform for Sport Innovation


EPSI is a non for profit European association (ASBL) based in the “House Of Sport” in Rue Joseph II, 40 – Brussels (Belgium).

It is a membership-based networking organization, focused on innovation in sport, leisure, health, tourism and more; striving for a more innovation-friendly environment to stimulate businesses development.

EPSI is partner of the European Commission since the first edition of the Week. Launched in 2015, the European Week of Sport was created in response to the worsening inactivity crisis.

Despite sport and physical activity substantially contributing to the wellbeing of European citizens, the level of physical activity is currently stagnating and even declining in some countries.

  1. EuropeActive: European Health and Fitness Association


Based in Brussels, EuropeActive, formerly the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA), is the leading not-for-profit organization representing the whole of the European fitness & physical activity sector.

EuropeActive is also a standards setting body of the health and fitness sector and promotes best practice in instruction and training, with the ultimate objective to raise the quality of service and the customer’s exercise experience and results.

EuropeActive currently represents approx. 25,000 facilities and 20 national associations spread across 25 countries in Europe. Membership is open to all stakeholders – public or private – including operators, suppliers, national associations, training providers, higher education and accreditation institutions.

EuropeActive fully supports the strategic principles and objectives of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.

  1. IAKS: International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities


The IAKS is a global non-profit organization and source of information about planning, design and management of sports and leisure facilities.

We gather the latest findings and in-depth experience from the fields of sports and leisure facilities and (outdoor) exercise spaces:

  • at the IAKS Congress held biennially in Cologne, Germany, together with FSB trade show
  • in international facility tours
  • in specialized seminars and further training events given by highly qualified experts
  • in expertise and documents on highly topical subjects, which can be retrieved online
  • in our specialist magazine sb which reports on exemplary architecture, innovations, products and services from the fields of leisure centers, sports facilities, swimming pools and wellness.

IAKS is a recognized organization of the International Olympic Committee, partner of TAFISA, recognized by GAISF and by the International Paralympic Committee.


  1. Sportanddev: The International Platform on Sport and Development


Sportanddev.org is a website dedicated entirely to sport and development. It is an online resource and communication tool.

Sportanddev.org was created in 2003, following the first-high-level conference in sport and development in Magglingen, Switzerland. At the event, leading voices in sport, development and politics called for an online community to be created. Since then, The International Platform for Sport and Development has advocated for the role that sport can play in engaging global citizens and tackling inequalities.

The initiative acts as a voice for the sport and development (S&D) community; highlighting news, opportunities, events and sport-based projects from around the world. Visitors to the site can connect with others in the community, share knowledge and discover innovative methods.

Most content on sportanddev.org is produced by individual members (Team Players) and registered organizations. This ensures that the role of the initiative as the voice of the community is upheld, and communicating the good work of programmer remains neutral.

The sportanddev.org Steering Board is made up of leading governments, NGOs and sports federations. They take responsibility for the initiative’s strategic direction and fund its activities. Sportanddev.org is maintained by the Operating Team based at the Swiss Academy for Development in Biel, Switzerland.

  1. Sport Academy Europe


Sport Academy is based in Bruxelles (Belgium) doing the programs and Master (European EQF European Qualification Framework) in Public Safety and Security Systems, Health Lifestyle Manager, Safety Public Security Master, Sport Event Organizer Promoter, International Sport Advisor and Social Integration and Inclusion. This new platform in Sport want to be a new stakeholder in the sport family.

An intense study program for the implementation of the knowledge in this area is fundamental for the academic sport career of Coaches Trainers Specialist in Motor Science and also Athletes.

The Sport Academy has only one mission to give the best opportunities and management of the required skills in order to be a top Professional Master worldwide recognition.

Be active and make sport in the correct way is our main objective and we believe that this is one important step for the future. Thanks to all professors, coaches for making real this important project and generate a new commitment for the common goal.

  1. ENAS: European Network of Academic Sports Services


The European Network of Academic Sports Services (ENAS) is an association of higher education sports offices in Europe. It is a non-governmental, international alliance with a common interest in the promotion of higher education sport and physical activity. ENAS was founded in 1997 in Chambéry, France and currently has over 120 members from 21 countries in Europe.

University sports in Europe is organized differently in each country. This diversity makes it important to have common goals. ENAS is the organization which achieves this for Academic Sports Services.

Sport is an integral part of university life. It promotes the social, mental and physical well-being of our students. It contributes to the university education mission by teaching lifelong learning skills such as team work, leadership and community values. It helps attract, recruit and retain students, and helps to stay connected with Alumni. Sport also celebrates talent, excellence and achievements. Our network fosters the development of ‘sport for all’ in our universities.

With a target group of several million students and thousands of academic sport services employees, ENAS can be an integrative element for the European movement. Our organization works alongside key partners, to provide opportunities for its members to share experiences to assist in their development.

  1. International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)


The International Pole Dance Fitness Association has been operational since 2007. Today, Pole Fitness is recognized as one of the fastest growing sports in the World, it is referred to as an extreme sport, Pole Fitness is practiced by a range of students including kids, males, females, masters (over age 40) and people with disability.

Hosted by IPDFA, The International Pole Championships (IPC) is the Premiere Pole Event in the Industry. Elite athletes representing their countries on stage the finals division of the world championship.

IPDFA has granted the recognition to all the ISO activities to all its partner:

  • Hong Kong School of continuing Education
  • Federation of International Sport, Aerobics and Fitness
  • Fitness Australia
  • Department of Sport Performance, Beijing Sport University
  • China Aerobics Association
  • Body, Art and Science International
  • Australian Children’s Institute of Sports Medicine
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals


  1. Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane (ASI)


ASI is a Sport For All National Organization recognized by:

  • CONI – Italian National Olympic Committee
  • CIP – Italian National Paralympic Committee
  • Italian Ministry of the Labor and the social affairs
  • Italian Ministry of the Internal Affairs

All the activities and the certifications issued by ISO are recognized by ASI and by its partner.

  1. World Wellness Weekends (WWW)


WWW is an organization working in partnership with the European commission, partner of the European Week of Sports, member of EPSI and of the #BEACTIVE campaign.

On the 3rd week-end of September, 4,000+ spas, salons, yoga studios, fitness clubs, sport associations in 120 countries open their doors and invite you to discover fun & creative activities to boost your Vitality, Serenity, and Beauty.

60 organizations are supporting, including UNITED NATIONS Global Sustainability Index Institute Foundation – UNGSII, IHRSA, International SPA Association, International Massage Association, International Sauna Association, AUFGUSS-WM, World Championship Massage, Industry Spa Association, Arizona Spa and Wellness Association, Southwest Spa Alliance, Associacion Americana de Spa, Malaysian Spa Association…

  1. International Sport Network Organization (ISNO)


International Sport Network Organization (ISNO) is a no profit organization composed by organizations, based in Switzerland aiming to assist its member around the world.

The categories of the member are:

  • International Member
  • National Member
  • Club / Local Member

The aims of the organization are:

  • NETWORK ORGANIZATION: To help members to reach their goal, to manage their organization giving assistance (Management, consultancy, insurance, general services, administrations and consultancy to reach national and international recognition) creating a network through the members in order to help each other;
  • ISNO GLOBAL GAMES: To organize the ISNO Global Games
  • SPORT FOR ALL: To organize Sport for All wellness and physical activity globally, to organize and Develop sports events, training sections for International or National Federations
  • ANTIDOPING: to support anti-doping programme of the member under WADA thanks to the WHEA partnership (http://www.antidoping.fi/web/en/clean-sport-message). All competitors attending to your events must be World Heavy Events Association members with signed anti-doping contract minimum of 3 months prior the event. With the anti-doping contract the athlete commits to our anti-doping program, which is following WADA´s Code and other rules. Via the anti-doping contract the athlete is available for doping testing 24/7 without prior notice in training season as well in competitions.
  • TRAINING PROVIDER: to certify coaches and develop high value training courses in sport fields under ISO as an ISO academy, having all the recognitions worldwide, helping member to have the highest recognition for their certification program.

International Sport Network Organization is an International organization aiming to develop and assist Clubs, National Federations and International Federations.

ISNO is recognized or partner of the following organization:

  • Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane (ASI)
  • International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)
  • International Professional Training Certification (IPTC): International Professional Training Certification IPTC Management & Training Departments Organize different coaching courses for all the Applicants. Courses and Seminars are in various majors and different age categories. Management of seminars conduct with the management committee and professional supervisors from different countries who are expert in their own fields. Education system which is following university methods to train people under direct supervision of international masters and professors including international valid certificate.
  • World Heavy Events Association (WHEA): strength sports, strongman federation with a strong antidoping program totally compliant with WADA
  • Sportanddev: The International Platform on Sport and Development
  • World Wellness Weekends (WWW)

All the above mentioned partner recognized all the activities and certifications of ISNO. The main partner of ISNO is the International Sport Organization (ISO).

The main partner of ISNO is the International Sport Organization (ISO).

All the above mentioned partner recognized all the activities and certifications of ISNO. The main partner of ISNO is the International Sport Organization (ISO).

We organize courses fully recognized internationally.

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