Vision and Mission

International Sport Organization (ISO) is a no profit organization composed by individual member based in Switzerland aiming to develop sports in particular Bionatural registry around the world. The aims of the organization are:

  • CONSULTING: To help manage organization giving assistance (Management, consultancy, insurance, general services, administrations and consultancy to reach national and international recognition)
  • BIONATURAL REGISTRY: to Keep update and maintained the Bionatural International Registry and to organize training around the world for bionatural disciplines
  • COACH CERTIFICATION: to certify coaches and develop high value training courses in sport fields
  • SPORT FOR ALL: To develop sport for all, wellness and physical activity globally

The main partner of ISO is the International Sport Network Organization (ISNO).

ISO is a member or recognized by:

  1. ICCE: International Council for Coaching Excellence
  2. ICSSPE: International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education
  3. ISCA: International Sport and Cultural Association
  4. FIEP: Federation International Education Physique
  5. EPSI: European Platform for Sport Innovation
  6. EuropeActive: European Health and Fitness Association
  7. IAKS: International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities
  8. Sportanddev: The International Platform on Sport and Development
  9. Sport Academy Europe
  10. ENAS: European Network of Academic Sports Services
  11. International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)
  12. Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane (ASI)
  13. World Wellness Weekends (WWW)
  14. International Sport Network Organization (ISNO)